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Midterms Week Playlist

This week, MTL will cater to the college kids who are stuck in the library studying, writing papers, and procrastinating. Everyone can use a good playlist, so here is one to get you through midterms week.

  1. Maroon 5–“Stutter”
  2. Maria Rita–“Num Corpo So”
  3. Ke$ha–” Blow”
  4. Bruno Mars–“The Lazy Song”
  5. Everclear–“I Will Buy You A New Life”
  6. Britney Spears–“Oops I Did It Again”
  7. Natalie Imbruglia–“Torn”
  8. Nena–“99 Luftballons”
  9. Inna–“Hot”
  10. Avril Lavigne–“What the Hell

Would you rather cope with midterms as spelled out to the left, or with the playlist? To listen to the entire playlist, and watch the music videos, click here.


Kim K Talks Over Her “Jam”

Reality star, model, and perfume designer Kim Kardashian made her musical debut yesterday on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. Her debut single “Jam” was highly-anticipated, and heavily-promoted. Kardashian made sure all of her Twitter followers knew to listen.

Ryan Seacrest seemed somewhat excited about the song and stated that he wanted to play it again. Unfortunately, Seacrest is not an actor and could not show genuine support for Kim and her new “Jam”. It is apparent that he was not a fan and was trying to stay positive in the artist’s presence. The biggest downfall is the ordering of the songs. Online listeners got to hear the new single immediately after Britney Spears’ “Piece of Me”.

There is no comparison between Spears and Kardashian; Britney is a natural performer and Kim is an entertainer in a less professional sense. The Britney Spears track seems almost like a challenge to Kim. Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian will never be a pop star. She takes the Johnny Cash route as she rhythmically talked her way through the song. Kim’s song doesn’t have any substance, so Johnny’s method may not have been the best way to go. The best part of the song is that the proceeds from the single go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

The track itself may have been better with a stronger voice behind it, like Ke$ha. Kim’s mousey voice is overwhelmed by the extreme bass. It has club potential, but there is no point in having lyrics because they are so weak. How would a live performance turn out?

Kardashian stated that an audience in Las Vegas received the song well and was singing along by the end. Listen to the song here. Do you think the song or music career will last?

Gwyneth Shows Her Chops

Gwyneth Paltrow in Counrty Strong. Photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently revealed her singing ability when she guest-starred on FOX’s Glee as substitute teacher Holly Holliday. Lately there has been a lot of talk about her return to the show as a substitute in future episodes. Paltrow wowed Glee viewers when she belted out Cee-Lo’s “Forget You” on the show, and some may be surprised that the voice on the track is her actual voice.

Over the past year, Paltrow has been doing nearly as much singing as acting. You can get a taste of her country singing abilities as Kelly Canter in Country Strong (1/7/11). Kelly Canter is a country singer who finds herself in a bit of a downward spiral when she finds herself in a rehabilitation facility and flirts with an orderly who aspires to be a singer. Gwyneth Paltrow embodies Kelly Canter and sounds like she is at home singing country music in the “Country Strong” music video.

The title track is an uplifting track about tapping inner strength. Being country strong is when getting up when life knocks you down. It is losing a fight, but never losing faith. Gwyneth’s voice adds a special element to the song that makes the lyrics seem like they are coming from her heart. Gwyneth takes on the character of Kelly Canter so beautifully that she could pursue a country music career, because she is country strong.

The film also includes country star Tim McGraw as Canter’s manager and husband and Leighton Meester, an actress-turned-singer, as a beauty queen-turned-singer. Meester has contributed her voice to songs like Cobra Starship’s “Good Girls Go Bad”. It should be interesting to hear her sing in such a different genre.

Can the NEW American Idol Create Another Star?

American Idol Judges, Season 10 (

Last night, new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler showed that they are qualified for their positions. But, the new judges are not the only changes made to the tenth season of America’s search for a superstar—American Idol. The show changed its age requirements by lowering it to 15 years. The show will also throw out the gender parity rule; when they get the top 10/12, it will be based on talent only. With a larger group of eligible candidates and a record number of auditions, can Idol bring us another superstar?

Jennifer Lopez is known as a triple threat as a singer, dancer, and actress. She mentioned, during the premiere, that she has been watching the show for ten years. She came in knowing what she was coming into. Lopez is a very successful singer who has worked with many industry heavy-hitters and has sold over 55 million albums.

Steven Tyler, front man of Aerosmith, has also joined the judging panel. He wanted to be a part of American Idol so he can help young hopefuls realize their dreams. As part of one of the most successful American rock bands, Tyler is no stranger to the music industry, selling over 155 million albums with Aerosmith.

The new panel has great chemistry, which has not been apparent in the past few seasons. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lopez stated, “We’re a more collaborative judging group… We just have a totally different style than any of the past judging tables.” So far, Jennifer seems to be the nice judge who wants to give everyone a chance, but she can get down to the truth when there really is nothing they can do for them. Steven has shown himself as a class-clown type of judge. When he doesn’t know what to say, he turns to a joke. Randy has taken a more serious, and less “dog”, role as the anchor of the judging table.

So far, the auditions have been pretty mediocre. Hopefully on night two of the Season premiere there will be someone with a big voice and amazing energy. Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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Experience the Fireworks with Katy Perry

Katy Perry is the first female artist to have three consecutive singles reach #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in eleven years—for this, she should be proud. She should also be proud that the music video for her single “Firework” is one of the most effective videos this year. This song is an empowerment anthem with beautiful imagery.

In the video, there are seemingly unrelated people going about their lives, a little isolated from the world. These characters are everyday people who are going through things that distance them from their “normal” lives, whether it is an illness, negative body image, or insecurity about sexual orientation. The video shows each character break past his or her barriers and show the world his or her true colors.

The child battling cancer is no longer confined to the hospital. The self-conscious girl strips off her clothes and jumps into the fun (the pool) with her friends. The young man afraid to open up about his sexuality walks across the room and kisses a guy with no inhibitions. As the characters step past their boundaries, their chests start to spark and they let their “colors burst”.

By the end of the video, everyone has fireworks shooting from their chests because they are not worrying about what people think or what is holding them back from living their lives. The fireworks are symbols for hope, tolerance, and that special spark everyone has inside. The video shows that everyone is special and should be proud to be themselves—definitely worth watching again.

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