Nicki Minaj Marries Mediocrity

Nicki Minaj in "Moment 4 Life" Photo: Derick G (

When a music video is promoted as much as Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life” was, viewers can expect it to be a good one. Waiting for the video to premiere on MTV drove excitement as its advertisements came on every commercial break. The excitement turned into disappointment because the video had no true plot.

Die-hard Nicki Minaj fans may have enjoyed the video, but it was not a genuinely great product. Minaj is known for her alter egos, and she introduces a new one, Martha, in this music video. Martha plays King Nicki’s fairy god-mother which draws parallels to Cinderella. The video alludes to the fairytale once more when Nicki receives her diamond stilettos, not glass slippers. In Cinderella, the slippers are the only gift from the fairy god-mother that is not time-sensitive. The rest of the night diminishes and Cinderella cannot hold on to the moment past midnight.

If the storyline had influences strictly from Cinderella, it would have been much better. The costumes are the biggest problem with this video. The opening scene at the vanity is a set straight out of another Disney princess film. With many references to Cinderella, why does Nicki’s costume look so much like Jasmine form Aladdin? There is a costume that could have been left out completely as well. There is no introduction to the character with pink hair in the brown gown. In a video based so deeply in plot, costumes and shots strictly for aesthetics should be avoided. Nicki the bride should have dark hair as well to maintain continuity; the pink hair does not belong at all.

If Nicki prides herself in her acting as much as she claims, then she should have had more control over her video—or less depending on the decisions she made. The video seems like a short film about King Nicki wanting to hold on to the moment of her wedding for the rest of her life. However, due to set and costume changes it seems like King Nicki and the bride are completely different people. If she wanted a Cinderella story, she should have reconsidered the primary costume choices. If she wanted it to be a good video, she should have clung to one idea rather than merging the ones she thought were decent. The music video is nice to look at, but overall it is just okay.

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