Parents Still Don’t Understand?

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In an interview with Yahoo! Music, Willow Smith states that there is a possibility that she may cover her father’s song “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. Willow has been very secretive about the content of her songs or what influences them. She reveals that all of her songs will have a positive message like her first single, “Whip My Hair”.

A song about how parents don’t understand the life of a teenager doesn’t seem to fit Willow’s style or message. This is especially true when you are reminded that she is only ten years old. However, as some of you may remember a 12-year-old Lil’ Romeo teamed up with Nick Cannon and 3LW to remake the song in 2001 for the Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius movie. Romeo starts the song in a child’s perspective school shopping and Nick chimes in for a teen point of view when he takes his mom’s car.

The 2001 version created a whole new life for the extremely-late-80’s song. By including female voices, the song has a whole new sound. The combination of artists makes the song appealing to more people: Lil’ Romeo fans, Nick Cannon Fans, and 3LW fans. If Willow remakes the song, she would have to completely reinvent the song or collaborate with an older artist (possibly one or both of her brothers).

Covering a song can be hit or miss. The original 1988 version by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince had a specific sound and will always have a standing as the original. The 2001 version added more fun and let a new generation relate to the song. I don’t think it was an improvement, but it definitely reinvented it and brought the song back into the spotlight. It may have just sent more people looking for Smith’s version though. A 2011/12 Willow Smith version would need to be more fun than the original, with an up-tempo dance beat and a child’s perspective.

Personally, I think it would be a bad move for her to cover the song. However cute it may be, the second the song starts playing it would get compared to the original. Coming from a famous family, people probably compare her to her parents and siblings enough already. The song would just be another reason to compare her to her father and could be a death sentence for her career.

Do you think Willow can improve upon her father’s 1988 smash hit?

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