MTL’s New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! I hope you had an enjoyable New Year’s celebration whether you were in Times Square, your parent’s living room, or a night club. Everyone knows about New Year’s resolutions—many people make them, but few stick to them. I have made a New Year’s Resolution for More Than Listening…

If you look to the right, you may notice a new Social Vibe widget. Social Vibe has helped many charitable organizations raise money for their respective causes. A few years ago, I heard about Invisible Children and wanted to do anything I could to help out. IC is a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness of the abduction of child soldiers, by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army, in northern Uganda and the surrounding areas. Invisible Children holds events to raise money, increase awareness, and promote peace.

In April, 2009, I participated in an event called “The Rescue” where supporters went on a symbolic walk to a “displacement camp”. I spent three days in a park in Baltimore because we were staying there until someone rescued us—like the children have to do. To be rescued, we needed a media outlet and a celebrity or public figure to come and support the cause. On the second day, a news crew came to cover our story, but we could not get a public figure until the next day. Some celebrities who rescued cities are Pete Wentz in Washington, D.C. and Oprah Winfrey in Chicago, Ill.

MTL’s New Year’s resolution is to raise 100 hours of school fees for a Ugandan child. I hope we can accomplish this in the month of January. If not, I will still be proud of anything this blog and its readers could contribute. Please, click to help each time you visit MTL.

For more about Invisible Children, visit

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